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Close up

Publisher: Εκδοτική Βορείου Ελλάδος Α.Ε.
Close up No.216
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Close Up is a monthly lifestyle women's magazine, published and circulated in Thessaloniki in Greece.

 It won the preference  of readers, particularly in Northern Greece and especially in Thessaloniki  for more than 14 years, and gaining competition among  to Panhellenic monthly magazines.

Close Up is being  published every third Sunday of the month with AGGELIOFOROS Sunday and then sold standalone in kiosks!

Each month, the magazine is accompanied by the extra issue GALA, a pocket size magazine which presents the most important events in the city of Thessaloniki: secular and cultural events, business events , social events and charity. Twice a year, comes in a dimension GRAND! In February with all the Christmas events, and in September, the issue hosts  the most glamorous weddings and christenings.

Each year , it makes  two
extra successful editions House in April and November issues ..

Older issues
No.215 (5/30/2015)
No.214 (5/3/2015)
No.213 (4/5/2015)
No.212 (3/8/2015)
No.210 (11/23/2014)