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Car and Driver

Publisher: Πήγασος Εκδοτική
Car and Driver No.328
1.90 €
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CAR AND DRIVER is one of the oldest and most prestigious magazines in the automotive industry.

First published in the U.S. in 1961.
Currently circulating in 11 countries and is the first source of information for over 2.5 million readers worldwide.
In October 1989 released the first issue of Greek CAR AND DRIVER (published by Pegasus Magazines Publications SA)

Thus, in 2009, the magazine celebrated 20 years in our country.
These years are  characterized by accurate information on the car, tests and comparative tests of all new models, a thorough analysis of market trends and records of all technological developments that shaped the automotive industry.
Furthermore,  CAR AND DRIVER closely monitors, comments and promotes motor sports, while not failing to give emphasis on  the sensitive issue of road safety.
CAR AND DRIVER'S belief is  that the twenty year of our success in the market, is only a small step from what we can do in the next  years ...

Being printed  the last Saturday of each month.

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